Welcome to JOY.org - Help us save children from Child Slavery. Worldwide.

Welcome to the JOY International™ website. It’s my
hope that you came here to learn about the
work we do in the fight against the worst crime
ever committed against a child since the dawn
of creation.

I’ve seen suffering in the worst forms.
Children living in the streets of 3rd world
countries with many close to starvation.
I looked into the eyes of child soldiers in
Uganda (one 12-year old pointing a
machine gun to my face). I helped
with the rescue of children
living in the garbage dumps of
Venezuela. I saw hundreds of
orphaned, abandoned babies and children in
Russia, while also trying to bring a smile to the faces of children who were severely traumatized that lived through the terrorist bombings in Beslan. I visited the late Mother Theresa’s Home for the Destitute & Dying and
held the hands of those just moments away from death.

With all the tragedy I’ve seen and all the atrocities I’ve witnessed
against children, the worst crime perpetrated against a child in
our world today, is the sexual exploitation of a child,
forcing them into the child sex trade.  I have seen
children as young as 4-years old who are exploited and
used for the carnal gratification of  
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       depraved men and to fill the pockets of the most greedy, heartless men and women.

This should not be happening in a civilized society and
it must be stopped! Does it make you angry? It should.
 It should make you angry enough where you
would want to help us fight this evil.

Yes. There are things you can do to help in
in the battle against this horrific crime. Look
around our site. Learn the truth of this
horror against children and make a decision
to stand and fight with us!

Alone we can do a little, but together, we
can bring children out of a life of unspeakable
horror, terror and hopelessness and into
a life of JOY.

It is my personal hope that while you are here, you gain a greater understanding of the magnitude and significance of the ministry of JOY and will make a decision that can help us change the life of a beautiful child.

Every child is God’s child and each one deserves a chance to live a life of JOY.

By Dr. Jeff Brodsky

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