JOY International hosts barefoot mile events worldwide to raise funds to fight trafficking locally and globally. 

Dr. Jeff Brodsky has been barefoot in solidarity with trafficked and impoverished children since July 2010. The Barefoot Mile challenges communities to join Dr. Brodsky in solidarity as they walk a Barefoot Mile. When you commit to raising funds for a Barefoot Mile, you commit to changing the life of a trafficked child. Through the Barefoot Mile you raise much needed awareness and funds for JOY International and local anti-trafficking organizations right in your own neighborhood. JOY International works to rescue, restore and reintegrate children, teens and young women who have been victims of sex trafficking.  JOY also tirelessly works to not only bring awareness to, but actively prevent the sexual exploitation of children domestically and internationally. 

Every Barefoot Mile represents a community's commitment to walk in solidarity with trafficked children, who so desperately need someone to stand on their behalf.  Precious children, teens and young women will be rescued as a result of every single walk. Each and every step is a step toward freedom. Join us in the fight for JOY in each of these precious lives.


"On July 19th, 2010,  I was at a garbage dump in Phnom Penh, Cambodia with my friend Rev. Jim Meyers.. We were feeding children who lived in and around the dump. We were also looking for children who were at high risk of being taken by predators and sold into brothels. I noticed almost all the children were barefoot. When I went back to my hotel room, as I removed my shoes and socks, I could not get the picture of those barefoot children out of my mind. I began to wonder what it would be like to live barefoot every day. After a serious conversation with God, I felt strongly impressed to go barefoot for 1 year in solidarity with these children and the many others who were trafficked or at high risk. Living at 8,990' elevation in the mountains of Colorado, I knew it would be a challenge (especially during the cold winters), but I decided I would just be extremely careful as I knew I had to do this." 

"On July 19th, 2011, my year was complete and I did it. No shoes, no socks for a full year. That morning when I went to put a pair of socks on (I was really excited), I just couldn't get them past my toes. It was as if an angel was pulling them and preventing me from putting them on. I cried out to God and said, "Lord, what do You want from me, I just went barefoot for a full year!" His response to me (in a still, small voice) was this; "Keep going. Those children are still out there." 

 "I've been barefoot ever since. I shared with my wife, family and friends (who thought I lost my mind), that if my going barefoot will motivate just 1 person per year to action in a way that helps me rescue even 1 more child a year, I would go barefoot the rest of my life." 

"I have been truly astounded as people all over the world embrace what God has called me to do and joined in solidarity to spread awareness of this evil against innocent children and to help me raise the funds necessary for rescue operations." 

"I am truly grateful and humbled beyond words." 

                                                - Jeff Brodsky

Founder & President of JOY International