JOY International hosts barefoot mile events worldwide to raise funds

to fight trafficking locally and globally. 

Dr. Jeff Brodsky has been barefoot in solidarity with trafficked and impoverished children since July 2010. The Barefoot Mile challenges communities to join Dr. Brodsky in solidarity as they walk a Barefoot Mile. When you commit to raising funds for a Barefoot Mile, you commit to changing the life of a trafficked child. Through the Barefoot Mile you raise much needed awareness and funds for JOY International and local anti-trafficking organizations right in your own neighborhood. JOY International works to rescue, restore and reintegrate children, teens and young women who have been victims of sex trafficking.  JOY also tirelessly works to not only bring awareness to, but actively prevent the sexual exploitation of children domestically and internationally. 

Every Barefoot Mile represents a community's commitment to walk in solidarity with trafficked children, who so desperately need someone to stand on their behalf.  Precious children, teens and young women will be rescued as a result of every single walk. Each and every step is a step toward freedom. Join us in the fight for JOY in each of these precious lives.