Changing Lives - Changing a Nation

The JOY International Tactical Division has joined forces with AIM (Agape International Missions) an NGO located in Cambodia who physically rescues and facilitates the entire process for rescued victims.  The rescue of victims includes the arrests of traffickers, their prosecution, and sentence to prison.

The rescue arm of AIM is provided by its collaboration with the Cambodian Anti Human Trafficking Juvenile Protection Police (AHTJPP) and its development of the AIM SWAT Team.  JOY International's role in Cambodia working alongside with AIM is (1) providing Basic Law Enforcement Training to officers of the AHTJPP and (2) providing advanced and specialized training for the AIM SWAT Team in tactics and operations in performing raids and rescues.

Since the inception of the AIM SWAT Team back in 2013-14 over 900 victims have been rescued!  JOY International’s Director of Tactical Operations provided the very first tactical training program for the Cambodian National Police and CID Departments in 2013 and some of those very first trainees now make up the original and present AIM SWAT Team. 

The JOY International Tactical Operations Team is providing necessary skills and the transfer of those skills is saving lives, changing lives, and changing a nation in its fight against the abuse and exploitation of those who cannot fight for themselves.