What: Self Defense Training for Women & Girls (12 & up)

When: Saturday, December 8, 2018

Where: Nick’s Pro Fitness 2932 Evergreen Pkwy

REGISTER: Text SELFDEFENSE to 41444 or Click Below

Become aware of your surroundings and learn how to evaluate and react to potentially unsafe situations. This 2 hour workshop will teach participants life-saving skills including situation awareness and self-defense tactics.  Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle.  For questions, please email info@joy.org 

Our suggested donation for attending is $10, but everyone is welcome to attend regardless of ability to pay. Donations will be used to provide self-defense training to girls and young women who have been rescued from human trafficking. 

About the Trainer:

The workshop will be taught by JOY International’s Director of Tactical Operations, Robert. Robert is a Certified Counter Terrorism Instructor and a Certified COBRA Defense Systems Self Defense Instructor. Among other things, he teaches situational awareness and self-defense to girls and women around the world.

Training Topics (2 hour format)

The JOY International Self Protection Training Program is preparing individuals how to detect potential situations before they occur and how to avoid them. However, there are situations that occur where the only course of action is to physically defend oneself until the threat has been stopped and escape made possible.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

1. Situational Awareness and Threat Recognition

2. Understanding Criminal Intent and how to be a “Hard Target” rather than a “Soft Target”

3. How to defend against an ambush attack

4. How to Escape from forced restraints (zip ties, rope, duct tape)

5. How to avoid, and navigate around and through dangerous encounters and situations.