15 Rescues and we're just getting started...

Dear friends of JOY, 

I am thrilled to share how your generosity is already changing lives in 2018. 

During the month of January our Tactical Operations Division trained teams that were responsible for 2 raids and the successful rescues of 4 minors (one only 12 years old) and 5 adults who were all being sold for forced sex. Along with the rescues, there were 3 traffickers arrested who are now being held for trial. 3 of the minors were trafficked from Viet Nam and sold for sex at a brothel fronting as a massage parlor which has now been shut down. All girls are now safe with the minors being sent to the AIM Restoration home where they are now receiving rehabilitative and aftercare services while the adults were sent to the AIM Transitional Home for the same care. All the girls will be represented by the AIM SWAT legal team for any upcoming court proceedings. Already In February, we have seen 6 minors rescued and 2 more traffickers sent to prison. 

THIS my dear friends is the heart of what we do at JOY International and why we partner with such a wonderful organization like AIM. All facets of the rescue and restoration are extremely important. Rescue is primary, but the aftercare and legal proceedings to ensure the perpetrators are arrested, prosecuted and convicted is the best form of prevention. 

I am excited to be heading back to Cambodia with Robert and his highly skilled team: Flint, a 30 year Army Combat Veteran and Randy a 7 year Marine Special Forces veteran. Together, these 3 men are giving much needed training to the Anti-Human Trafficking Juvenile Protection Police units in Cambodia. They are making a huge difference in the fight against evil, perpetrated against precious, innocent young girls and women. 

This police training is very expensive, but on top of 3 trainings we’ve already done, JOY International has made a strong commitment for several more trainings in 2018. It’s YOUR support that makes it happen. As such, when you hear of these successful rescue operations, you can feel good knowing that your support was instrumental in making it happen! 

With Sincere Gratitude,

Dr. Jeff Brodsky