Police Teams, Women & Girls TRAINED.

We've had an unbelievable week in Cambodia and couldn't wait to share all that YOU are doing to fight trafficking in Cambodia and around the globe.

The JOY International Tactical Operations Training (TOT) team has provided its third successful training to the Cambodian Anti-Human Trafficking Juvenile Prevention Police (AHTJPP) Departments and AIM SWAT team.  We are so excited to share that five female police officers participated in all aspects of our Defensive Tactics. Some of these women out-performed the men!  This is the first time female officers in Cambodia have had the opportunity to receive such training. If JOY International was not providing this vital training, these female officers would most likely never be trained in the tactics they most desperately need.  Two of the female officers performed so well we added additional sessions today specifically training these officers to be assistant trainers as well as preparing them to serve on the AIM SWAT Team—this is unprecedented! 

In addition to the police training, our TOT Team will be providing Self Defense Training for 60 girlsworking with AIM over a 2-day period of time in the town of Svay Pak. Many of these girls have been victims and others are vulnerable to being victimized. Our team will provide training that will better protect these precious girls. This too is unprecedented and can literally save lives. 

Each time our JOY International Tactical Operations Team provides training in Cambodia, we are amazed at how effective the training is and how it is developing a new generation of police to combat trafficking in their own country. These young officers are hungry to learn and eager to put their newly learned skills to work on behalf of those who cannot protect or defend themselves against those who feed upon the weak and vulnerable.