A Holiday For Some is Hell For Others ~

tumblr_mga2zg26vB1s0wlqyo1_250Now that Valentine’s Day is over I’d like to share my heart (no pun intended) on what I feel about this “holiday.” I didn’t post this yesterday because I did not want to ruin the day for those who truly embrace it. If you do, that’s wonderful. I can’t enjoy it. I personally don’t care for a holiday that will make me feel guilty if I don’t buy flowers or a heart-shaped box of chocolates or a greeting card or take Gail (my wonderful wife) out for a romantic dinner to show her she’s my “valentine.” I don’t need a reminder to tell Gail I love her. In 39 years of marriage there has never been one day when I did not say “I love you.”

I dislike a holiday like Valentine’s Day because while it’s a holiday for some, it’s a nightmare for others. Since this is an American Holiday – there are over 50 million singles in this country. About 20 million are single men. Since many other countries adopt our holidays, I should also point out that there are well over a billion single men in the world. When they are reminded how lonely they are, many (millions) will pay to find comfort. Many will search for the “childhood sweetheart” they never had. Many will look for a child or a teenager. For those children, this so-called “holiday” becomes a nightmare because of the increase in demand for their “services” which are forced (sometimes brutally) upon them, as the perpetrator will take out his frustrations on that precious child.

As for me, I’ll continue to tell Gail I love her every day until the day I die. I’ll buy flowers and candy and do romantic dinners on a whim, when it’s least expected. I don’t need a made up holiday to remind me of my love for her. I don’t care for Valentine’s Day. I hope you see why it’s just not a holiday in my eyes. ~ ~ ~ Dr Jeff

It’s In Our Hands

The song says “He’s got the whole world in His Hands…” but I believe He’s put the care of the world into our hands. We are the one’s God has given the responsibility to, to take care of our world.

When I think about how children in our world are used as child sex slaves, I get angry – not just at the abusers, but at the apathy of those who look away and do nothing. I just don’t understand why more people are not doing anything to fight this horrendous evil – no matter what it takes.

There’s no greater gift you can give a child being held and abused as a sex slave – than freedom. It’s in our hands. It’s time to stop talking about it.

At JOY International we are devoted to the rescue of these precious girls. Each person that helps us, gives us greater power, strength and resources to rescue one more child.

Will you join forces with us? Will you help us? You can make a difference in the lives of these precious children. During this Christmas season, I am personally asking you to help us with the gift of freedom. 

You can give a gift to help us in our rescue efforts by going here: www.joy.org/donate 

You can also send your donation with a check to:
JOY International
P.O. Box 571
Conifer, CO 80433

On behalf of the girls waiting to be rescued and set free,

Thank You!

Dr. Jeff Brodsky
JOY International

It’s Getting Worse

I read some very disheartening news today.
The statistics have changed. With all the organizations joining the fight against child trafficking – it’s not getting better – it’s getting worse.

Human/Child trafficking has gone from a 32 Billion Dollar per year industry to 36 Billion (according to a recent Harvard study). It has also become THE fastest growing industry in the world – yes, even as a crime. It is second only to illegal drugs and at the rate of its growth will surpass that and become the biggest crime (dollar-wise) in the world.

So what do we do? Do we quit and say nothing’s ever going to change? Or do we fight harder to rescue the next child out of their nightmare? As for me and those affiliated with JOY International – we will fight. If you are an organization that is working to fight this tragedy, we must join forces if we are going to win the battle against organized crime and this heinous atrocity against children.

There’s another child who cries herself to sleep at night and sometimes I can hear her crying. It breaks my heart.

As long as another child needs to be rescued – I will never quit fighting. Never.

Will you join me? Alone I can do a little, but joining forces and fighting together we can bring a precious child out of a life of abuse, pain, horror and terror and into a life of JOY. ~

“The world s a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do nothing about it.” ~ Albert Einstein

Dr. Jeff Brodsky
JOY International

“No man is worth his salt who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life, in a great cause.”
~ Theodore Roosevelt

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ~
Sir Edmund Burke


800 Days Barefoot

The feet of one of the children who motivated me to begin my barefoot journey. July 19, 2010 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Today marks 800 days on my barefoot journey. When I think about the many questions I’m asked, the one that hit me this morning is this: “is it worth it?”

My thoughts immediately go to so many things that have happened during the more than 2 years of being barefoot. A few that stand out:

  • The high school student that went barefoot (last winter in Colorado) for 30 days;
  • The elementary school that challenged their students to go barefoot for 3 days (they raised several hundred dollars);
  • The high school students that went to their prom barefoot;
  • The City of Conifer, CO who co-sponsored a Barefoot & Bluegrass Festival

That’s just to name a few. There are many more stories I can share of the multitude of people who were also inspired to do something to help me rescue more children out of being sexually exploited and forced into the child sex trade throughout the world. Many of them motivated by my being barefoot.

Has it been worth it to be barefoot for 800 days? Ask any of the 190 girls that have been rescued with the funds that have been raised the past 2 years (72 last year and 118 so far this year).

As I shared with my wife on July 19th, 2010 (after being barefoot for one year), “Gail, if my going barefoot will motivate even one person per year to action in a way that will help me rescue just one more child or young girl from being held as a slave in a brothel – I’ll go barefoot the rest of my life.”

To those who think it would be easy, I’d like to challenge you to try going totally barefoot for 24 hours. Just one day. When you wake up, no shoes – no socks for a full 24 hours. Sunshine, rain, even if it’s snowing. Driving, shopping, even going to a supermarket or restaurant. Contrary to what people think, there are no health code violations regarding being barefoot in any State in America. Doing this will give you a small glimpse of what I’ve experienced for the past 800 days as well as an opportunity to share with people why you’re doing it and bringing awareness to this tragedy.

It’s not necessary, but you can even get sponsors for your 24 hours. All the funds will be used to rescue more children from the nightmare of being used in the most heinous, evil way imaginable.

Will you accept the challenge?

I’m Barefoot for Freedom because Freedom brings JOY.

“No man is worth his salt, who is not ready at all times to risk his well-being, to risk his body, to risk his life , in a great cause.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt (1858-1919)

I know of no greater cause on earth today, than the plight of children who are being trafficked and forced into the child sex trade.

~ Dr. Jeff Brodsky/Founder

It’s Always About The One

As an early riser, I sometimes sit at my desk enjoying the quiet of the morning. I pray, I listen to praise & worship music, I think of the myriad of things I’d like to get accomplished for the day. Then I begin to read some of the many reports I receive from Newspapers all over the world each day. They relate to children being trafficked into the global child sex trade. I receive more than a dozen reports literally every day, seven days a week.

This morning, I began to feel overwhelmed as just one man, with an organization devoted to the rescue of these children from the nightmare they experience each day. My day begins with the JOY of the Lord. I cannot imagine the thoughts of one of these precious children as they begin another day of pain and horror. What do they have to look forward to?

I began to think, “there are so many millions of children being abused Lord.” When I begin to get that feeling of being overwhelmed with this burden God put on my heart, He always reminds me of the next one who will be rescued.

We must always remember the one. It’s the one – that keeps me going.

“I looked at the stars,
And wondered if they numbered,
Tears from a child’s pain.”
~ Haiku by Dr. Jeff

To All My Network Marketing and MLM “Friends”

Through the years I have been involved in many, many Network Marketing and (Multi-Level Marketing) MLM companies. Many. Some were good, some were bad. There was never, never one where to succeed, I didn’t have to put a great amount of time into it. No matter what was promised as to the amount of time you needed to succeed – I just learned the hard way – that you got out of it, what you put into it. I didn’t mind it. I actually enjoyed it.

That was before I went into the work I have been doing with JOY International in the Rescue (yes, the actual rescue) of children forced into the child sex trade. I will do this work until my last breath. You might have heard some of the horror stories. When you have held one of these precious rescued children in your arms and have had their tears fall on your shoulder and you hear directly from one of them what they have been through, only then can you understand my obsession in getting another child out of her nightmare.

I sincerely appreciate you trying to help me, but you need to know this; taking me away from my work (even for a moment) means a child in a brothel might have to spend more of her time in that brothel, being abused in the most heinous way imaginable.

Last week I sent several hundred dollars to the Director of the Indian Rescue Mission team. They found a teenage girl who was kidnapped and forced into a brothel there. She has cigarette burns and bruises all over her body from the sick, twisted men that use her for an ashtray and a punching bag. I sent an emergency request out to over 500 people asking for help with this. The response? 2 people. Just 2. I wonder how many more would have responded – if it was their child.

Every second I spend trying to do something else – takes me away from trying to get children like this out and into a Safe House. There are 2 million of these children in the world, with 300,000 right here in America. Just taking the time to make the phone calls you want me to make to talk about your Company, takes me away from potential rescue operations.

You really want to help me? YOU build a team for JOY International – or just donate some of the money you are making to our organization. I hope you understand. If you do, I hope you’ll do something to help me with the next rescue.

Jeff Brodsky
JOY International

“A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove…but the world may be a better place because I was important in the life of a child.”

My Barefoot Journey – 2 Years Today!

It was exactly 2 years ago today (July, 19, 2010) while on a trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia that I chose to go barefoot. Being outside a garbage dump where children were at high risk of being snatched by predators and forced into the child sex trade, I noticed a group of children who were all barefoot. When I went to my room that night, I took off my shoes and wondered what it would be like to live life everyday – barefoot. I put my shoes and socks away and I’ve been barefoot ever since. I was originally going to go barefoot for just one year. Last year, when my one year journey ended, I decided to keep going because I knew those children were still out there and I knew that my going barefoot was speaking to people and motivating them to action. As I shared with Gail (my wife of 37 years), “Gail, I’m going to continue going barefoot as long as people are motivated to action in a way that will help me rescue just one more child each year.”

Has It Been Worth It?
Ask the Conifer High School students who went to their Prom – Barefoot. Or you can ask the 100+ Elementary, Junior and Sr. High School students in Littleton, CO who went barefoot for 3 days. How about High School Student Cobi Jones who went Barefoot for 30 days in the middle of the Colorado winter. You can also speak to many people from the city of Conifer, CO who are co-hosting the Barefoot, Bluegrass & BBQ Festival on August 4th or the many people of all ages from around the world who have written and shared their stories of joining me on my barefoot journey.

Has it Been Difficult?
Sometimes. At times it can be painful (especially when it snows here in Colorado) or even worse, when it’s 100º outside and the pavement is scorching hot (I’d rather be barefoot in the snow). It can also be embarrassing when confronted by incredibly insensitive and ignorant people. There are NO LAWS or Health Code violations anywhere in America that says I cannot be barefoot in any restaurant or retail establishment! Although it can be a real hassle at times, for the most part, I’ve come to truly embrace the barefoot lifestyle.

My Worst Day Barefoot So Far
It happened just this past week. While at a VFW Breakfast with 2 team members trying to sell tickets to our upcoming Barefoot, Bluegrass and Barbecue Festival, I saw a man I knew from a local church. I went up to him to shake his hand. He looked at me, looked at my bare feet and said “Uh-uh. I don’t agree with what your doin’ and I’m not shakin’ your hand! Now back off!” I was shocked. I said, “Are you serious?” He said, “I told you to back off, now back away!” Besides being embarrassed, it broke my heart that a man confessing to be a Christian would behave like that. Even Jesus loved and commanded us, to love our enemies. How much more should we love and accept each other. I felt sorry for the man and walked away.

While having those moments where it causes me to wonder if I made the right decision, more than anything else, my confirmation in being barefoot has opened many doors of opportunity to share the plight of THE most abused children on earth today. I will do anything to get another child out of a brothel where they have to service 10 – 20 of the most vile men on earth. If my going barefoot will get even one more child out – then so be it.

So my friends (and naysayers), YES, I am going to continue going barefoot. As long as there’s another child who needs to be rescued from being held as a slave in a brothel and used in the most heinous way imaginable, I’ll stay barefoot.

Again my friends (and those I’ve yet to meet), the next time you see me (you’ll know it’s me if you look down), don’t reach out to simply shake my hand. Instead, open your arms to embrace me with a hug. I need all the hugs I can get!

By the way, if you think it’s easy going barefoot, why not try it for a day. Just one day. When you wake up, no shoes, no socks – go totally barefoot for 24 hours. I dare ya.

Dr. Jeff Brodsky
JOY International

– I hope to see you at the Barefoot, Bluegrass & BBQ Festival on Saturday, August 4th from 11:00am to 6:00pm. It’ll be a fun time for the entire family. Tickets are just $25 ($35 after Aug 1st). Children under 16 are FREE! You can get your tickets HereYa’ll come and have a rootin’ tootin’ good ol’ time!

It’s My Blog – Can I Say What I Really Feel?

For quite some time now, I’ve written this blog with caution. Many times I wrote what I felt needed to be said, while holding back what I really wanted to say. After all, the reader might be a potential donor to our work and surely, I wouldn’t want to say anything that might upset or offend you. One of my main jobs as President and Founder of JOY International is to motivate people to action – especially when that action would be to give funds into our work.

Well my friends, I’m not holding back what I really feel anymore. I’m tired of beatin’ around the bush, holding my tongue and fearing that I might offend someone or get someone angry. As a matter of fact, I WANT you to get angry! If you’re not angry, then something is wrong with you. How can any human being with any sense of compassion or decency not be angry while living in a world where not just a handful, but millions of young children are being abused in the most heinous way imaginable? Where these children are forced to satisfy the sick, twisted sexual desires of the most vile men on earth. Most of these children (as young as 4 years old) will have to “service” 10 – 15 men a day – every day of their precious young lives until they no longer can. Once they are no longer “desirable” they are cast into the street like garbage or killed and discarded. Many times when thrown into the streets they’ll do the job themselves by committing suicide. Sometimes it doesn’t get to that, because they’re being abused by some animal that gets his kicks out of beating the child to death. I’m sick of it. I’m way beyond angry… and you should be too.

I’m tired of hearing all the organizations and celebrities who “talk” about child trafficking. There are hundreds of groups and people jumping on the child trafficking bandwagon like it’s some new cause to get involved with. They have no idea what they’re doing – so they just “talk” about it. It’s okay because they’re making people “aware” of the problem. They have major fundraisers where they bring in millions of dollars to make more people “aware.” They have no idea that they‘re actually hurting the rescue efforts by causing brothel owners to take the children deeper underground making it more difficult for real rescue organizations to find them. They have no idea that they’re actually increasing the demand by making predators aware of where children are available. John Walsh did an exposé that did this very thing. When I wrote to his company to inform him how he made things worse – I was completely ignored. So I stayed silent. No more silence from me. When I see injustice or a hindrance to the work we’re trying to do in getting children rescued – I’m not just going to speak about it – I’ll shout it out to make people aware of the truth. The truth hurts? Not nearly as much as the pain a child feels while being ravaged multiple times each day.

To all those organizations that are “making people aware” of the problem – please shut up and do something! Do something that will get another child out of a brothel. I know of hundreds of organizations that are talking about the child trafficking issue. I know of just a handful that are actually going deep undercover, risking their lives and at great expense to actually rescue children from their nightmare. These children do not need to be talked about – they need to be rescued. I know a major speaker to women around the world who talks about rescuing children from the brothels and child trafficking. I sat and interviewed her Director of Operations (the interview is on film) and he stated emphatically that they do NOT do rescues.

I’m tired of it my friends, because at JOY International we don’t TALK about rescuing children from the brothels – WE DO IT! We work with people and organizations that we’ve partnered with who send teams undercover into the brothels to get children rescued from their living hell. One of the undercover field operatives we work with in India was discovered, then severely beaten and hospitalized. Is he devoted to the rescue work? 3 weeks later he was back undercover – with me – in the brothels and dance bars searching for underage girls being held as slaves.

Like I said – at JOY International we don’t just talk about child trafficking and children being used a sex slaves in the brothels – we do whatever it takes to actually rescue them.

To be sure there’s no misunderstanding – I am NOT trying to recruit you to join a rescue team. Most of the team members we have are either current, former or retired police or Special Forces military. Rescuing a child is extremely dangerous and takes more than just courage – it takes unique skills.

So how can you help? Go beyond making people aware of the work of JOY. Rescue Operations are very expensive. There are travel expenses, surveillance equipment, operating expenses during the undercover investigations, after rescue expenses for the care of the rescued child including their home care, food, clothing, education, counsel, medical care and various other expenses that we cannot even share. This is one of the main reasons why so many organizations “try” doing rescues but realize the expense and dangers are simply too much.

You want to help? You want to be involved in REAL RESCUE of child sex slaves? Then give a donation to our work. You have no money? Then do a fundraiser? There are many ways to raise funds and our teams would be happy to help you.

So, if you’re a subscriber to this blog you might want to be prepared to be challenged to go the extra mile, because I’m not holding back anymore. I’m saying what needs to be said and speaking the truth about the child sex trade by telling it like it is. The lives of precious young children are at stake.

When JOY International has the funds – children get rescued from a life of pain and horror.

Dr. Jeff Brodsky
JOY International

“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do nothing about it.” – Albert Einstein

She asked, “What is Sex?”

The Indian Rescue Mission team had been working on a major rescue operation for several weeks. As the time grew close to when the rescue would take place, there was a great amount of anxiety. Why wouldn’t there be? The life of a 14 year old virgin girl from Mumbai, India was at stake. Her name is Sapna. If anything went wrong, the female pimp who represented Sapna’s mother and aunt (who bought her) would find another “customer” who would gladly pay the $2,000 asking price for her virginity and ultimate life in a brothel. I couldn’t let that happen. Sapna was slightly mentally challenged. Her purity and innocence was still intact. You could see it in her face and from the words she spoke.

On the night the transaction was to take place, everything was arranged. JOY International had already sent an advance payment to the Director of Operations, and the field operative negotiated a time and the place to meet. It would be in a restaurant in an upscale part of Mumbai. In the restaurant was a section with 3 tables. Perfect. One table had the team members posing as customers, another table had 2 undercover policemen with 2 female social workers. The 3rd table had me and 2 more field operatives as back-up.

All that was missing was the pimp, the aunt and Sapna. We waited nearly 45 minutes and they arrived. After some negotiating and finalization of the transaction, one of the policemen stood up after placing a call. At that point, 8 Mumbai special task force police came in, surrounded the table and arrested the pimp and aunt. The 2 female social workers surrounded Sapna.

During the interview, we later found out the depth of Sapna’s purity and innocence. When asked by the social worker if she knew what was happening, Sapna said “No” and was quite surprised by the arrest of her aunt. When they told Sapna she was being sold for sex, her response tore at my heart. She asked, “What is sex?”

Can you imagine the nightmare that would have been if Sapna was sold to anyone other than our team? It would have been the end of her innocence, the end of her purity and it would have started her new life of pain, abuse and unimaginable suffering at the hands of those who would pay to sexually abuse her several times a day… day after day.

Sapna was not the only child rescued on this night. As a result of the pimp being arrested, there were 2 sisters who were stopped from being sold and countless others in the future as this pimp was a major figure in child trafficking in Mumbai.

I learned the pimp, aunt and yes, the mother who was later arrested at her home are now in prison and will be there for a minimum of 10 years! Thank God!

I’ve been told by some that I shouldn’t be sharing the details of this rescue. Maybe not, but it’s something you need to hear. We cannot turn a blind eye to this atrocity. There are hundreds of thousands of Sapna’s out there yet to be rescued along with millions more currently being abused.

Today, Sapna is in a safe place. Her innocence took a beating due to the revelation of what was happening to her along with the emotional strain – but I know this – her purity is intact and she now has hope for her future.

For me, the true JOY I felt when I saw the social workers embrace Sapna and knowing she is saf,e along with so many others who were spared from being forced into a life as child sex slaves is indescribable.

I hate that I have to do this work, but as long as there’s another Sapna out there – I’ll never stop.

Dr. Jeff Brodsky

YOU Can Help Us Stop Human Trafficking!

Every Time I look at this poster, I think about the various messages I see in it.

Of course, the first message are the words: STOP Human Trafficking. Is a statement like that really possible? Can you be part of the solution? Can you actually be used to help STOP the trafficking of humans (especially children)? YES, you can. If you have a voice – you can help Stop what I consider to be THE worst atrocity ever perpetrated against a child since the dawn of creation – the commercial sexual exploitation of an innocent child. We have found children as young as 4 years old being forced to do unspeakable things to the most vile men on earth today.

The girl pictured here can be seen holding her hand in front of her face. Is she hiding her face in shame of the horrendous acts she’s forced to do 10 – 15 times a day? Is she saying to each of us – STOP THIS? Or is she showing that she’s a commodity for sale? The answers are yes, yes and yes. I’ve never met a rescued child or young woman who was proud of the work she was forced into in the brothels. On the contrary, in almost every case there was incredible shame (as though it was their own fault). I’ve seen incredible heartbreak in these precious young women. The healing process can take years due to the extreme emotional scars.  Many girls have given up any hope of ever being rescued. Do they want their nightmare to end? Of course they do. They long for it to STOP, but unless someone is willing to take the extreme risk of going undercover to rescue them, they will be there until they are thrown out due to sickness, or they are no longer desirable, they die of disease, suicide, drug overdose or they are beaten to death. At JOY International we will do whatever we can to rescue another child.

Finally, yes, they are a mere commodity to the most greedy, vile and inhuman people living in our world. They are part of the fastest growing crime today – the commercial, sexual exploitation of humans – mostly young girls and children.

We must fight to STOP HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Does it make you angry? It should. It should make each of us so angry, we put away any fear and forge ahead to do whatever is necessary to get another child out of their life of horror and terror. You, yes YOU can do something. Whether it be going or sending. Giving directly to help us with the huge expense involved in the rescue and restoration of a child or being willing to give of your time and talents to help us raise funds. You can give money or you can raise money – but you can do something if you truly believe in this cause. We MUST GET ANGRY and we must use that anger as a motivating force for good – to fight this evil.

Will you join us? Will you help us? You can, if you’ll just say YES.

Please, click on the Donate button and give something to help us rescue more children out of the nightmare they live each day. If you can’t personally give, then go through our website and learn the various ways that you can be used to raise funds and awareness.

As I’ve said many times – Alone, I can do a little, but together we can accomplish miracles in the rescue of another precious child.

Be blessed,

Dr. Jeff Brodsky
JOY International